Why ‘heels-only’ rule at Cannes is ridiculous!

Cannes, one of the most awaited and coveted film festivals in the world, has come under the spotlight for a rather ridiculous unwritten rule! Despite 2015 at Cannes being the ‘year of la femme’, the heels-only red carpet decorum hasn’t gone down well with actresses, audiences and the general public.

Several women were turned away from the screening of Carol, a movie on lesbian romance, for wearing flats. While the British-American drama has been praised for its bold theme and female-led cast and producers, women who came to watch it in formal flats were asked to leave for not sticking to the festival’s policy.

How ridiculous is that! Just when we thought equality was going to be a norm at such famous festivals, there comes a roaring controversy over footwear.

These film festivals put so much pressure on the actresses to look flawless on the red carpet that adding this unwritten one is only going to make life hell for the ladies. From not spilling out of their clothes to wearing something that’s edgy, elegant, as well as unique, actresses have enough on their plates. Why add this sexist code too? While there’s no denying that heels look smashing when paired with gowns and dresses, they mustn’t be made a compulsion because each woman is different and her style is not restricted to ‘rules and regulations’.

This is a form of bullying because you’re pressurizing women to fit into a certain body image. Behind all that gloss and glamour lies an actress who only wants appreciation for her role. Let’s not make the event so much about fashion that we forget what’s it actually for…movies.

Actress Emily Blunt, who was present at the event to promote Sicario, summarized the controversy when she spoke with the press. “Everyone should wear flats, to be honest,” the actress said. “We shouldn’t be wearing high heels anyway…I just prefer wearing Converse sneakers,” she said.

Naaris, what’s your take on this? Let the comments come in…